Dynamic authentication interface for Android applications

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My documentation is written for the Dynamic authentication interface for Android applications. In it, I mention what Android is, what has evolved and what features make it so diverse. I talk about the development program, Android Studio while giving you an insight into its useful features. I discuss the technical requirements of the code; what kind of development solutions are needed for the project. Since for me the thesis is a continuation of the independent laboratory subject, I present in a retrospective, how far I got in that, and show what goals I have set for completing it. In detail I present the lines of the thesis with what decisions were made contrast to them. In the documentation I also discuss the kind of changes the project has gone under during the semester, and the mistakes due to which I had to change it. Since the library can become public in the form of a module, I explain how to create a module and publish it on the Internet. At the end of the documentation I present an implementation with the module created, and then illustrate its operation and testing with images. Finally, as my closing words I tell you what experiences I gained during development, what were my difficulties, and what the future of the code could be.


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