Design and implementation of a dynamic sales and software configuration system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Purpose of my thesis is to show how we can sell a software product more efficiently in the market and unburden activities of both for customer and supplier.

I show what advantages a portal has through designing and developing a Single Page Application where customers are able to configure and choose components of the published product by the supplier. At first, it is so important that supplier specify limits and borders of the product, how customers can configure that and provide an easy to learn surface for this.

Knowing the existing software and using modern web technologies and tools I designed and created a surface like that. I use MongoDB NoSQL database for storing data, NodeJS Express application for implementing business logic and Angular 6 frontend for being responsible for the surface.

I specify causes of these decisions and also that is why I decided to use TypeScript both on backend and frontend. In this chapter there is part, what is about advantages and benefits of Typescript over JavaScript in developing a web application.

Summarizing the structure of my thesis there are the following main building parts: Introduction, where I explain what inspired this idea, Designing, where I specify reasons of decisions and architecture of the application (this chapter also contains the Typescript/JavaScript comparative part), Development, where I documented activities and phases from designing to testing, experiences, possible problems I encountered and their solutions.


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