Integrating dynamic interactions to an e-magazine editor application

OData support
Dr. Mezei Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The theme of my thesis is to create some html controls and integrate them into Troja e-magazin editor and viewer application. The main purpose of the developing Troja was to create a cross-platform application, in which the user can create and display some content – news, topics, articles and so on.

For that reason some part of the editor app and parts of the viewer app are implemented in C++, such as word wrapping, common parts and often used tasks. The other parts of the editor/viewer are implemented in C# or in the platfomr specific language. The magazineApp is adapted onto biggest platforms – Windows, Android , (WPF).

The main advantages of the Troja framework are the platform independece, the well-established and easy to use editor application and the modern design of the articles.

Nowadays, it’s very important to display e-content in dynamic format. It’s because the changing habits of the users, nobody loves to read a lot, to spend more then 3-5 minutes with reading an article. If the issues, news or articles are admissible and easy to digest, than they become succesfull, and so the site or the magazine ramps, will be more popular.

The new native html controls will help the work of the editors, to be able to create modern and dynamic articles.

The documentation includes the short introduction of the Troja e-magazin application. After that I detail the implementation and integration of each html control.


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