Realizing service oriented dynamic component architecture in the FusionR system

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays a more and more growing need can be realized among software developers and developer companies for developing dynamic component-based applications and for helper frameworks and technology solutions.

At R&R Software advantages of modular application development were recognised earlier and they tried to take advantage of them when creating their enterprise business application called FusionR. However, back then the technical tools were quite limiting the opportunities, developing a service-oriented architecture would have been an especially difficult and expensive task, and dynamically manageable components were almost unimaginable. Therefore FusionR is only structurally a modular application but considering its way of functioning it is rather a monolithic architecture application.

Today, however, a growing number of technologies are available that may be suitable to give modular applications more beneficial properties.

In my thesis, after comparing several possible frameworks, I chose OSGi, which - in my opinion - has the most appropriate feature set to satisfy all our needs. I examined its usability with FusionR. As a result of this examination I decided to embed an OSGi framework into the FusionR application. In the following I have designed then implemented a hybrid architecture prototype application which runs at the same time some OSGi-based components that were developed from FusionR modules, as well as other parts of the still monolithic structured application. Finally, I briefly described further things to do in order to have a fully OSGi based FusionR application in the end and mentioned the questions that have to be answered and the problems that have to be solved in the future.


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