Developing a dynamic content management system for mobile and web platforms using modern JavaScript technologies

OData support
Jánoky László Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the system presented in my thesis is to allow anyone to provide content for mobile applications without any specific expertise. The reasoning behind this demand is that nowdays there is a smartphone in every hand, through which the user can easily and quickly inform and communicate. This lead to companies, associations, etc. wanting to a have a mobile application, to reach and involve their users and consumers.

In my thesis work, my goal was to familiarize myself with an existing complex system, and to develop a smaller or larger part of both the client and server side, thus getting a picture of how to develop a complete website. Another goal was to get more familiar with JavaScript-based technologies, that are likely to persist in the web development world. In addition to technologies, I wanted to get acquainted with the development processes and methods, and to know how to work with more people in a larger group, and for that what software and restrictions are needed.

In my thesis I present the project into which I got involved, the technologies I have learned, the development processes and the parts I have implemented and tested.


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