Developing a Dynamic Content Management System Using ASP.NET Core

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, it is necessary for a firm to have a website with daily changing content and with the latest marketing tricks. If they do not have it, it can cause the end of the enterprise as well as spending a fortune on badly placed advertisements. Mostly the leader of a company or the colleagues, who are responsible for the marketing, have no idea of how to build a website or style it, they do not know the process or cannot write codes at all. The only thing they got used to during work is the simple text editing user interfaces. If a company needs a proper website to reach its customers, then their knowledge is certainly not enough for it. On the top of all smaller firms cannot spend their low income on building new website each time when a new sale is on or they have some news to share.

The task is about having the website of the company with fresh content without knowing how to edit webpages and asking developers for help. This problem can be solved with many frameworks that can be found on the internet, and they work well. However, if you have an application, that has some logic written and the company one week before going production finds out needing some editable pages, then it is time consuming to change to a commonly used content management framework. As the whole system is needed to build around them, each written use-case must be rethought. In my work I show you a way to build a framework that can be added to the application easily later with no effort without having to rebuild the whole application.

If developers got used to this solution their work can be simplified and the extensions that can be built around this system can make it faster and less time consuming to add any content editing function.


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