Implementation and development of Dynamic Line Rating expert system

OData support
Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today’s energy consumption is ever increasing. That consumption must be satisfied, the

consumers cannot be left without proper electricity service. Regarding that, the power plant

capacity is continuously increasing accordingly the predicted consumption. However, the

electrical transmission system is not developing at the same pace.

Increasing the transmission capacity of a power line is a very slow, time-demanding and

expensive task. In the future it can be a major problem, that the power generated in the power

plants can’t be brought to the consumers. Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) offers a relatively fast

and economic solution to that problem.

The conventional transmission capacity of a power line is derived from the conductors’

physical parameters and the environmental properties of the line. In that case the transmission

capacity of the line is calculated, and the line cannot be operated on higher levels than that

designed value. In case of DLR, the parameters which determine the transmission capacity of

the power line are monitored, and the transmission capacity is recalculated based on these

measured parameters.

In my thesis I implement a DLR system in Matlab. I detail the development of the system and examine every step of the development regarding the specialist literature. The system that I build within the boundaries of my thesis is more then the previously implemented DLR algorithm as I integrate the sag calculations into my program.


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