Design and implementation of a dynamic topology visualization system for OpenFlow networks

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My thesis addresses the design and implement of a dynamic topology visualization system for OpenFlow networks. It is capable of discovering the OpenFlow devices, links between nodes and monitoring the traffic between these components in real time. It can also provide statistics about the traffic and the nodes.

The OpenFlow architecture is a promising implementation of SDN (Software Defined Networks). The protocol provides an opportunity for researchers to implement their innovative ideas, try out them on real devices and real environments, because the architecture separates the internal operation and the control logic of the switches. As it is a young recommendation, it has some shortcomings yet. One of these is that the network management side only contains preliminery elements. Although there is a recent recommendation for OpenFlow devices (OF-Config 1.1, OpenFlow and Configuration Management Protocol), which deals with the management of network elements, but it is not use widely. Therefore, it is important to develop and implement a specific network management system for the OpenFlow domain and the topology information display module is an indispensible part of such system.

I have designed and implemented the display module to a specific network management system, as well as topological and statistical data service module for OpenFlow controller in the master's thesis. Finally, I have analyzed, validated and tested the operation and performance of the components in the designed networks.


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