Implementing a Framework in Laravel for Creating Web Pages

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In this thesis you can read about implementing a system that can generate dynamic and static web pages. I expound the technological background of the system and the implementation process as well. First I test uo to date trends and I evaluate the most popular webpage creating applications. After that I resume all the things that you have to know about these habits and about the process of creating websites.

Later I write about all the technologies and their history including coding examples to make you understand the whole process. After that I present the whole process of creating the system. First of all I write about planning the database structure and stepts of implementing it including the systems structure. Afterwards I clarify the connection between each pages. I create a test page for a small business including the database, tables and webdesign as well. I test the developed page and I make a shopping test with a registered user. Afterwards I write a conclusion about the downloaded system.

Finally I expound the review of the system and write about the possibilities of developing the site.


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