Development of a discrete event simulation framework

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Processes like factory automation systems, logistic processes or passenger flow can be modeled by event graphs, which provide a straightforward way for the simulation of system dynamics, hence help engineers in performance evaluation, finding bottlenecks of the system or even in predicting effects of parameter changes.

This thesis presents the development of a software tool for event graph-based modeling and simulation of discrete event systems. After summarizing formal methods of discrete event modeling and off-the-shelf software tools based on them, the developed application is presented in details. Beside simple models, the software tool supports parametric event graphs and job-shop models, as well as reuse of previously designed models in form of subsystems. During simulation of the models, the application computes basic statistics and visualizes plots of event occurrences and state variables. The software also implements an identification algorithm for automatic generation of the discrete-time linear state-space representation corresponding the discrete-event model. Features of the application are illustrated by a complex example.


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