Comparison of Docker Containers and Virtualization Technologies

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the word „Containerization” is a euphonious expression in the world of information technology. It is not a new concept of software structuring, but a very decent way to build a well-scalable and well-maintainable service, which is getting more important for IT companies, and software development teams. The containers are able to make the deployment process much easier, than it was before. The main advantage is, everything is running exactly the same way, with the same dependencies on the developer’s computer and on the production server. This makes the work of the operational team easier too.

The best known and fastest-growing container service is the Docker container. It has a large user- and developer base. In this thesis I present the history of containerization, the history of Docker containers and what a virtual machine is. Then I introduce the OpenStack platform, which I used to start and manage virtual instances. After this prolog, I publish my measurements about the performance tests of Docker and virtual machines.

After the details of the measurements I summarize the data, and make a conclusion, which virtualization technique is better in the specific cases.


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