Parametric study of loudspeaker enclosures

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Dr. Augusztinovicz Gusztáv Fülöp
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The dissertation presents the analysis of a special loudspeaker, built for measuring purposes step by step. The experimental enclosure is appropriate for moving its backplate forward and backward so as to change the inner volume of the box. It has also an aperture that is able to hold different size of vents and can be closed on demand.

The first chapter is a brief summary of the theoretical background needed for the analysis, laying emphasis on the lumped element model, which is frequently applied in engineering acoustics. Henceforward the dissertation presents by measurement results, that the configuration of the loudspeaker’s main parameters, such as volume and vent, in what way can affect the characteristics of the loudspeaker, and how that appears in different representations, such as transfer function, impulse response or the directivity pattern. This paper shows for example how the resonance frequency and the bandwidth increase or decrease as the function of the volume, and points to the role of the vent.


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