Automatization of documentation processes

OData support
Dr. Do Van Tien
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In recent years, development in the IT sector became faster and faster, creating challenging deadlines for customer documentation teams. Especially in large documentations, the administration of these documents is a great source of human errors, and thus every opportunity where automatic solutions can be developed have to be taken.

Manually compiling these huge documentation sets took hundreds of valuable hours, and slowed down our publication processes. The software environment gave us a chance though, to compile these sets externally, and import their structure in the system, in the meantime reducing the possibility of human errors.

The aim of my thesis is to overcome these problems, by creating a script that will use the already available information (e.g. an .xls file with the list of all document names, and all other needed data) to create the desired output. The script will be written in Perl script language and generate the list of documents and the configuration files, that can later be imported to the CMS (Content Management System) directly.


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