Document management system based on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is always a common fact in the operation of small and mid sized companies. The information flow is an elemental part of the corporate operation which is variable due to the size of the business. If the information flow is not properly managed, it results extra time spending with the administration and gathering information.

MS Sharepoint is an ideal solution to properly manage the business information. It is a group management system, which is used to support team works, gathering infromation from different sources, and shares, represents the information among the relevant personnel.

In my dissertation I am focusing on the document management part of sharepoint, and I will show the customization of the system driven by discrete requirements.As a result of completing the customization and development an advacenced document management and signing system will be integrated into MS Sharepoint.

All the functionalities was based on other DMS –s and discrete client needs. In the planning and design phase I had to define the main parameters of the system, and then I had to work out a detailed system plan for the functions.

After the planning phase the next stage was the system installation, followed by the implemetation of the given funcitions. Finally I have fulfilled a comphrensive system test.

In the last chapter I give information about the futher development opportunities focusing on the ones which have been done. In summary the customization was successful, I managed to complete the goal. The DMS system I developed under MS Sharepoint environment, is now being used by Dynafix Kft.


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