Web based Document Management System Development

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The topic of my essay may seem to be simple or meaningless for most of us. Therefore at first I would like introduce information systems to show why the role of these content management systems has become important in our world. I also tried to find the answer to the question why these systems – which are capable of storing documents and data - are needed especially in a web-related environment. The idea of its coming into existence was given by those systems that got a foothold in Hungary and are used by a lot of people. I contacted these companies before starting my essay and collected as much information as I could related to their own software. In the third chapter of my thesis I am giving the outline of these systems, then choosing the software which is the most appropriate to my initial aims I tried to find the reason for writing my custom-developed software.

After being convinced of the necessity of a new application I am making a survey of the instruments needed to its implementation.

In chapter six I am showing the most important solutions of my custom-developed software. I could find the solution to every arising problem by browsing web-pages dealing with software systems and reading the official pages, documentaries of the chosen software. In this chapter I am showing in details the functional setting-up of the software, the structure of data base, its authorization levels then I go on with the most important modules such as safe communication, storing documents, follow-up possibilities, content-related searching, identification by a bar code, downloading and compression possibilities and logging files. At the end of the chapter I would also like to mention the possibilities of the system’s administrational tasks.

In the last chapter I am writing about the testing of the system in details; the functional testing software, and two of the non-functional testing software: safety and the system’s response time test.

In conclusion I want to offer some upgraded possibilities to my readers which refers to the fact that my system is not an artificial project made for a degree, but it is the beginning of future standard software.


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