Development in invoice modul of Dolibarr system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

By evolution of information technology softwares, which facilitate the operation of companies are gathering more and more ground, either it is a partner registration system or integrated business management software. Several companies offer such software as well as free and open source systems are available.

The diploma is about a free open source ERP/CRM software. I examine how the system works, in regard to invoicing. Discover the problems that caused the software is not suitable for Hungarian companies. I find the solution, and I propose a way to implement. In parallel I implement the correct management of deposits too.

My primary goal is find a solution to invoicing problems. Therefore fixing these problems, I give a chance to the software to gaining more ground in Hungarian market.

I examine in detail each type of invoices and I will establishes the cause of malfunction. I plan the expected operational in my mind, and aware of the causes, I will know what changes should be made.


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