Displaying Radiation Dose for Radiotherapy

OData support
Dr. Csébfalvi Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Radiation therapy is a common way of treating cancer in medicine aided by instruments of information technology. A complete system required for treatment consists of multiple components, like the imaging device, dose measurement device, treatment planning application and some image viewer that provides feedback to the doctors. These separate components can be made by different manufacturers so it was necessary to develop a common standard (DICOM) that provides uniform handling of the medical objects, like CT images or dose distribution. After creating CT images of the patient and performing segmentation on the results (in order to determine the position of the tumor and the internal organs) the doctors can create treatment plans with specific softwares that can also generate simulated dose distribution based on the plan. In the evaluation of these plans the illustrative visualization of these dose distributions has an important role.

This document gives an overview of the market of treatment planning software and summarizes their DICOM conformance. Based on this overview it comes up with a list of features that should be implemented by a volume viewer application to support dose display. Then the actual implementation is demonstrated partly into a volume viewer of a widespread medical software kit, and the design of a standalone dose viewer application is also presented. In the end, it shows more information about the unavoidable software testing options and about some possible further development.


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