Design and development of components of DroidLab measurement framework

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The cheap Android devices with a wide user audience and opened approach have attracted the interest of the research community. However, the Android application developing is complex, and it also takes several weeks for a developer to design and implement a distributed measurement-framework for smartphones. The propagation of the application could be also circumstantial without user base. Recognizing the problem we designed the DroidLab, which hides all the general tasks and the platform-specific programming knowledge to facilitate the preparation and completion of the measuring tasks.

The Droidlab platform has four main components. The web-server which collects and display the measurement data from devices, the framework that runs modules, the module that contains the runnable scripts and plugin application that does the measurements. Those who install the applications on their smartphones can control which permissions and resources will be available for the measurements. The results of the measuring are anonymous to protect the users. After registration, the researcher is able to determine the measuring parameters and upload the written script. The DroidLab scheduler gets all the available devices, deploys the module to the smartphone, and collects the results that are accessible on a web-based user interface.


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