Wireless communicaton for AMR systems

OData support
Kálmán Viktor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our days, most of the systems are heading towards automation. The reason

of this process is that in most of the cases – exploiting the efficiency of digital

systems – time, money and energy can be saved. Metering is advancing in this

direction as well, and that is the reason Automatic Meter Reading systems are

spreading. In the case of water as well as energy sources like electricity, gas or

hot water, metering these in an automated system has many benefits over

conventional methods. The primary benefits are speed and precision. Applying

such systems the user has the possibility to track, analyze his or her

consumption and even to check if his or her billing is happening properly.

This document is dealing with the radio communication of these systems and

also introduces the design, implementation and testing of a radio communication

protocol, that is appropriate to be used in AMR systems. The design was based

on previous review of techniques and methods used by existing systems.


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