Diagnosis of a dual-dosing SCR system

OData support
Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

From July 2018 I spent my internship at AVL Engineering company in Budapest. In September I have decided to write my thesis there.

They offered a theme from a real-life project. Dual-dosing SCR technology is currently running state-of-the-art project at AVL in Graz. With the new aftertreatment system the goal is to meet to strictest American emission limits and prepare for the upcoming European regulations. Because of emission legislations the performance of the catalysts shall be monitored.

I was entrusted with the task to build up the diagnosis function of both catalysts. Firstly, I make efficiency-based diagnostic function compatible with the simulation environment. Then aging factors were selected for each catalyst on different emission levels. Analysing efficiency curves the diagnostic function was calibrated with enable conditions. Precursory expectations were proven the component worked well during double-FTP cycle. The basis for prototyping a was established.

It was clear, that this short time won't be enough to finish the whole project. Therefore, my results achieved until 2018 December is written in this thesis.


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