Optimization of EBS backend production lines by Value Stream Mapping

OData support
Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

The main goal of my thesis work was to observe and improve the manufacturing of the ER25E type ABS electronic control device, at the factory Continental Automotive Hungary Kft Budapest. In order to achieve this I have studied the so called LEAN concept, developed by Toyota, and the tool called Value Stream Mapping. Trough the literature study, I have acquired the necessary techniques and vision which have allowed me to propose improvements on the chosen line. My choice fell on the BackEnd 1 line, because the currently used technological processes are well represented trough it, but there was still a need for further improvement on it. The target cycle time goal for each station was 13 seconds or below. In addition I also needed to take into consideration the possibility of increasing the yield of the line, the simplification and the ergonomic of the production processes, and the general optimization of every possible aspect.

First I have started with accustomizing myself with the production, and the function of the different stations. I have surveyed and understood the operations carried out by each machine, and their part in the assembly of the product. Once I had seen through the whole manufacturing process, I had analyzed their operation to determine their flaws, and to point out possible improvements. I have managed to come up with ideas, of course while constantly communicating with the responsible engineers, which would solve these problems.

After that I have tried to look at the whole line in general, and to use the Value Stream Mapping, to show its weaknesses. Trough the plotted map, the line became more easy to visualize, the deficiencies were easier to spot, and the problems could be defined.

Trough the proposed amendments on the machines, we were able to achieve that the line improved its performance, nearing the goal of operating under 13 seconds (the bottleneck being the Load test /13,08s/), and with the help of Value Stream Mapping we could identify several problems, which could set the direction of future developments.


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