Design of ECG tester

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


With the development of medical tools various tester measuring, actuator devices become widely used, which can serve more and more complex functions. One of these is the examiner of electrical signals and operation of the hearth, the ECG. For the purpose of examining these devices the so-called “ECG tester” is commonly used, to assure the proper operation of the structure. This method is used for two main reasons. One of these is to observe all the functions of the device are working properly and to calibrate it while developing and manufacturing ECG devices. The other reason is that in given amount of time intervals the ECG devices must be inspected if they meet the requirements of law and by these inspections, the proper operation can be verified with a tester device.

The subject of my thesis is designing an ECG tester and build the breadboard version with simple functions. I’ve made my thesis in the Medihead Ltd. This company performs periodical inspections of ECG devices thus requires one or more tester devices.

While creating this paper, first I examined the physiological background, then I created the breadboard, and using the acquired knowledge. I planned the hardware on system and circuit diagram level and the software on system level of the final device. While writing the paper the order is backwards, so the breadboard is featured after the fully functioning device.


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