Analysis of performance/maintainability of own Renesas RL78 base SW in EDAG embedded development platform

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, vehicles are getting more and more complex with increasing amount of electrical control units. The market is changing rapidly, and this leads to, that companies need to respond quickly, if they want to stay in the competition. The main problem is given by difference in microcontrollers, which can be eliminated by recycling mentioned components.

The first part of my thesis is a quick insight into the automotive industry’s development. Later on, it’s discussed the development of embedded systems from software and hardware point of view in more details. After a general introduction we get the knowledge of the Renesas RL 78 microcontroller.

In the following section, I briefly introduce the paradigms, used in the automotive industry. Due to this, we get a detailed insight into the company’s proprietary software system supporting development tool (embeddED).

In the practical part, with the help of embeddED, I configure the most important modules, which are occurred in the development of automotive embedded system, almost without exception.

Finally, it’s presented the cooperation of the implemented/configured modules through an example, which shows up, how the application of completed modules look like in „sharp“ situations.


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