EEPROM interfacing through Dallas 1-wire interface - development and testing in safety-critical environment

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The theme of this thesis is related to the work of Research and Development Department of Knorr-Bremse Systems for Railway Vehicles Ltd. The department produces hardver and software products for safety-critical environment. That is why strict standards must be considered during the development. A brake control software system is being developed inside the department. A new software component is necessary for one of the modules of the brake control software. This new module shall realize a 1-wire driver. The reason of the development of the 1-wire driver is that special data needed by the brake control software are stored in an EEPROM that has a 1-wire interface. This EEPROM will be readable by this new software module. As the 1-wire driver will be integrated into a safety-critical environment it has to reach the SIL2 safety integrity level during the development.

This thesis introduces the steps of the development of the driver. The steps are defined by BS EN 50128:2011 standard and correspond to the phases of the V model. The thesis presents the viewpoints which determines the requirements for the driver and shows how the requirements are satisfied by the software module design. Furthermore it shows the most serious difficulties caused by the architecture used and the solutions for them. Finally it introduces the test procedure which is the last phase of the V model in the viewpoint of the new software module. You can get acquainted with the selection method of the principles of the test, with the test environment and finally the thesis will report some test results.


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