ECG data acquisition unit

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays the cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common cause of death. In order to prevent the deaths, we need to achieve the correct diagnosis. In some cases we can achive a better diagnosis, if we detect the patient’s heart function for a longer time. In my thesis I present the development of a Holter ECG device, that is capable of measuring the heart function for 24 hours. My aim is to create a 12 channel prototype.

At the beginning of my thesis I present the basics of electrocardiography. I performed a wide market research of more than 16 company’s portfolio in order to choose the proper components. With this knowledge I defined the specifications of the implemented system and chosed an appropriate microcontroller, AD converter and a wireless data transfer technology. After the specification I present the hardware designflow. This includes a detailed description of the electrical circuit and the printed circuit board. I thoroughly explain the applied power supply and power management. After the hardware description I introduce the development of the embedded software. Finally I present a QRS detecting algorithm, that is also capable to calculate the heart beat.

As a conclusion of my thesis I evaluate the properties of the created prototype, and mention some possibilities for further development.


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