Design of an ECG tester device

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Dr. Sántha Hunor
Department of Electronics Technology

ECG devices belong to the basic equipments of hospitals and ambulances. ECG tester devices of the present market have a common feature, that they are able to produce waveforms at discrete frequencies and amplitudes. During the measurements of the ECG device, a problem occurred several times, that the ECG tester could not generate the required waveform.

My aim with this paper is to design a device which could produce signals at higher resolution in the measurement range, and has a graphical user interface with touch screen. During the design, it also had to be taken into consideration, that the device should be integrable into running developments. In this paper the implementation possibilities of the hardware of the designed ECG device, and the final version of the design would be detailed discussed.

The device in its current state operates on development boards. The required schematics and PCB layouts have been completed; the designed boards are currently in production. The software of the microcontroller still has incompletenesses. Since I was not able to get an appropriate digital ECG record, the signal generator cannot produce ECG waveform. The other parts of the signal generator are operable, and ECG devices can be measured with them.


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