Towards an EMACS based integrated development environment for OpenFlow systems

OData support
Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays there are plenty of efficient environments that help the work of the software developers. Utilizing their functionalities can shorten development time considerably, and they give us tools that support uncovering various problems that occur during programming.

The so-called SDN (Software Defined Networking) solutions apply a new kind of approach in the world of networks. Unlike conventional networks, their architecture has the control and forwarding tasks clearly separated. This enables us to manage the basic functionalities through an abstract layer. These kind of networks can therefore be controlled by means of programming, similarly to conventional software development. This enables a far better customization of the basic functionalities, like packet forwarding.

However, due to the possibility of programming errors, the high availability of networks might be compromised. Since this technology is relatively new and immature, there are no environments yet, which would be similar to conventional software development’s IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) that could help the work of developers, and help with uncovering bugs.

During my thesis, I had aimed to investigate the opportunity of such environments and implement one with the help of the most widespread SDN technology, the OpenFlow networks.

The GNU project’s freely available software, Emacs was chosen as an environment for this purpose. It is a highly customizable all-round editor that can be further expanded with the help of its ELisp language.


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