ESD System Test Automation

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays, due to the advances in technology, we are surrounded by more and more electronic devices that have to meet a number of rigorous tests. One of these important immunity test inside the EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) is ESD (Electrostatic discharge). In this test we disturb the device with impulse-like electrical energy. An ESD gun is used to perform the measurement. It is expected that the measurement results are reliable, so we have to calibrate our ESD gun and other equipments every three months.

The topic of my thesis is the automation of ESD system test, which aims to significantly shorten the time spent on it and thus achieve resource savings.

In my work I present the essential elements of electrostatics and ESD, the ESD measurement and the system test process. I detail you the equipments I use, detailing their programming options. I explain the essence of the program and give an overview of the languages used for coding. I analyze and demonstrate the results of the measurements made.

With the software I have made, the system will take one day intead of two days. I achieved the goals I set at the beginning of my work.


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