Graphical User Interface Testing of Eclipse Applications

OData support
Dr. Ujhelyi Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The Eclipse platform and the applications based on it (Development Environments, Modeling applications, Business intelligence reporting tools, Testing applications, Database development support tools, etc..) has been subject to a dominant place in the global software development industry. Testing aspects of these applications, such as functional testing and user interface testing coverage is an important task. Various testing tools are available in different capacities for covering these aspects. However, because of their number, selecting the appropriate tool for the task is a relevant issue.

My goal is to review the user interface testing tools for Eclipse-based applications, particularly with regard to the specification of test cases, implementation options, and methods.

The Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) is an example of the Eclipse platform-based applications. After studying the Eclipse IDE user interface, I demonstrate through the specification and implementation of an example test case the WindowTester Pro, Jubula and SWTBot frameworks suitable for testing Eclipse platform.

In this paper I detail the steps of creating a test scenario and background of the individual characteristics of the frameworks, and the essay will conclude by summing the experience gained during the implementation work.


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