Eclipse based vehicle bus visualization

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays the complex functionalities of modern vehicles are realized by electronic control

units (ECU) connected with each other via different vehicle buses. The resulting distributed

system is hard to be designed and tested. Therefore in the automotive industry the

exhaustive testing of components is indispensable from the early phase of the development


The AUTOSAR standard offers the methodology of describing a whole system, and

the communication between control units. This description is based on standardized data

models, and contains all information for the configuration of tools observing communication

over the vehicle bus.

To test the proper operation of an ECU, the observation of the related communication

signals is a basic requirement. For this purpose different communication devices and PC

side software are available on the market. The disatvantages of these solutions – although

they provide rich visualization and often simulation services – are that the structure of

the frames traveling on the network (the format of the user relevant data delivered by

them) needs to be described in a manufacturer and/or protocol specific way (like CAN

DB or Fibex). It seems obvious to develop a solution that can use AUTOSAR models as

a description of inter-ECU communication, without enforce using intermediate description


The implemented Trace software offers a convenient way to visualize the frames, PDUs

and signals participating in the communication between AUTOSAR based control units.

The communication can be observed in a table and also in a graph view and selected signals

can be displayed on custom indicators. The log recorded by the Trace can be saved into

CSV files to support further processing. Statistical parameters can be also calculated and

displayed by the tool.

The configuration of the implemented software includes frames, PDUs and signals. Parameters

of communication channels to be used to connect to the vehicle bus network are

also stored. The entire configuration description described by a data model. This model

can be easily derived from AUTOSAR System Description models. The configuration process

is supported by a wizard which helps the user to choose the required frames and their

display settings.

The software is based on the open source Eclipse framework and related technologies.


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