Eclipse based vehicle bus simulation

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In modern vehicles electronic control units (ECUs), which are responsible for different

advanced features, are not operating separately, but are involved in distributed systems.

Their communication is realized via vehicle buses, like CAN, LIN or FlexRay. The dis-

tributed systems of ECUs are designed by automotive OEMs. Suppliers are expected to

implement ECUs according to the relevant parts of the system description separately,

but satisfying the requirements of the later integration ability. Their interest is to be able

to test the communication related capabilities of the ECUs at the very early stage of the

development. In these cases, when the entire system is not available to test the ECU, it

is necessary to simulate the functionality and communication of missing ECUs. Vehicle

bus simulation (also called rest bus simulation) is a widely applied simulation method

supporting the development process of such ECUs.

AUTOSAR is a standardized automotive software architecture, developed by

automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The high level design of the AUTOSAR-based

software is implemented according to the System Template. The information about cer-

tain ECUs can be found in the so-called ECU Extracts extracted from the System Tem-


The Eclipse-based, highly configurable PC-side vehicle bus simulator provides

the simulation environment for ECUs with AUTOSAR software architecture. The input

of the simulator is the ECU Extract, this way the embedded and the simulation side can

be handled in a consistent way. For processing the ECU Extract and also its own con-

figuration descriptors, the simulator uses model based software technologies imple-

mented in the Eclipse Modeling Framework environment. Different scenarios describ-

ing simulation sequences can be specified in the custom Xtext-based domain specific

language of the simulator tool, thus various test cases can be implemented in an intui-

tive and comfortable way. The communication between the PC and the ECU under test

is established by the fieldbus gateway, which is a multipurpose communication system

ensuring access to vehicle buses for PC applications via Ethernet connection. The rest

bus simulator also provides a configurable user interface, this way the implemented test

and simulation sequences can be analyzed using tables or graphical visualization tools.


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