Developement of E-contract application

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

As the internet and other different telecommunication technologies are becoming more and more widespread, the world is getting smaller than ever. Nowadays it is much easier to contact and keep in touch with our business partners than even ten years ago, no matter where on the face of the Earth they are. We can close business deals without meeting personally, as a result of negotiations taking place on the phone or online.

It is in the best interest of all business partners to make the agreement fixed by the means of a written contract. Traditionally closing a contract between absent parties was done by post, generating a significant additional cost. This is the problem that is going to be solved by my new electronic contract management system.

The E-contract software allows contracting between absent parties, in a way that personal meeting is not necessary. The future purpose of the productive application is that the contracts should be capable of triggering a legal effect and in terms of the law they should be completely equivalent to the traditional paper-based signed documents.

In my thesis I introduce the legal environment of contracting (with emphasis on Hungarian law). I summarize the standard scenarios of creating a contract and discover the requirements in terms of IT and security that the system has to meet. I present the used technologies and paradigms, like the Vaadin framework, the Hibernate object-relational mapping system, and the building blocks of these: the Java servlets, JavaScript and AJAX. I demonstrate the planned physical architecture of the productive system.

I summarize the most important steps of the development process, like the database, the static class structure and the use cases. After these I present the concrete functions and they operation. In the end I will give an insight into the possibilities of further development.


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