E-democracy: Anonymous online polling system

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A reliable anonymous online polling system may redefine the way we participate

in our democracies. By using such a system, we can replace the costly and hard to

organize paper based voting process with easy and comfortable to use web based polls.

Having an efficient tool for voting could encourage lawmakers to ask for the opinion of

the citizens more often, and could boost voter turnout at the same time.

For a polling system that can be used for democratic decision-making, it’s a

required that voters should be able to maintain their anonymity. In parallel with that, the

system must ensure that only those who are eligible by their residences can vote, and they

too are only able to do it once. To solve this problem for my thesis, I created a system of

two applications in which one is only responsible for the authentication. Before I began

coding I took the time to plan the software architecture and create user interface designs.

After that, I implemented the applications with the ASP.NET Core framework, also

utilizing various third-party tools like NuGet packages and JavaScript plugins.

During my work, I extended my knowledge about .NET technologies. Not least,

I succeeded in creating a polling system which can be used and later can easily be further

improved. I hope that in the future the E-Democracy project opens the way for more

simple and higher quality citizen participation.


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