Developing workout journal application on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The smartphones in recent years have gained immense popularity and has now become a part of people's everyday lives. However, in addition to the daily work of the movement must not forget, as this is essential to the integrity of our body, fitness of conservation. Smartphones can help us to keep our body in good condition, so I aimed at preparing an application to help our development, our results can be monitored.

The thesis deals with the development plan of an application that is suitable for the preparation of training plans. After registration, the user has access to the services provided by the application. All registered users are able to create training plans or use already written ones. These training plans and all user data are stored in a separate database server running on the machine. The application is offline or online mode will also be functional, accordingly, as the Internet connection is available, the data necessary for the user will be downloading and upload the changes to the server where the database is update it.

The first part of the thesis imposed on use of functional requirements and design details of the decisions taken in. Then I will describe the Android platform itself and the used technologies. Then the implementation will be presented in detail. At the end of the paper, after summarizing the project on development opportunities of application described.


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