Training support application for Windows Phone platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the recent years, smart phones have provided new opportunities for those enjoying sports and physical exercise to monitor their activities. With the rapid spread of new technologies, services previously only accessible through special hardware are now available for almost everyone.

Using position tracking services, modern mobile platforms are able to record data of such activities and to produce statistics and views presenting valuable information to the user. By integrating standard functions of the mobile phone into the applications, such as the camera and music player, the experience can be further enriched. Through the internet, we can get information about the geographical surroundings, synchronize our data, or just share our accomplishments to keep ourselves motivated by the positive feedback received from the social media.

Actively pursuing the hobby of running myself, I am a user of these applications; during my everyday sessions however, I was never wholly satisfied with the level of customization they offer. While working on the current thesis work, I wanted to take an inside look at the details of development, and by utilizing the knowledge I have learned, to create a simple application which can be customized according to one’s need but does not necessarily include excess features providing no real value to the user.

The application was developed for Windows Phone 7.5 system, the graphical interface guidelines of which are consistent with the goals I have set for myself. In the thesis work, I describe the entire process of application development; after a brief technological overview of the target platform, I will discuss the basic idea and give a functional specification. My work is concluded by chapters on application design and on the details of implementation.


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