User interface design of a workout application in Android environment

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today's fast-paced world people are tending to have less time for themselves, for the healthy lifestyle. Lot of people are able to wait until they become sick, although with conscious diet and proper training, it could be prevented, by reducing the risk factors.

In my thesis, my plan is to develop and design a client-server application. My main goal is that the workout planning should be appropriate for the user’s needs, and their comfort in order to make it easier to fit the program in their schedule, daily routine, avoiding the necessity of keeping things in head.

The application was developed for a wide audience, since everyone can use it from beginners to professional athletes. For the beginners, the application has detailed descriptions and excellent demo pictures for every exercise, and also ready-made training plans. For the professionals there are wide range of possibilities to make the application absolutely user dependant, they can upload their own exercises, they can make their own pictures for each, and make individual training plans, and they are also able to create own categories.

Android is one of the fastest growing platforms nowadays, and by the incredible worldwide spread of smartphones I found this platform perfect to realize my goals as detailed above.

I’m going to use Android Studio for my project, and I will store my data in Firebase (Google product server segment). It is a cloud based service.

I’m going to realize the functions as detailed above, according to user’s feedback, by using these technologies. The planning, the design, and the finished application will be all introduced in my thesis.


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