Design and development of the backend features of a workout application in Android environment

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Our trendy foods are unhealthy, less nutritious, though they contain more calories. According to this in our fast paced world, people don’t have time for proper training, so as a consequence the average adults are obese. Today there are a lot of ways to track proper diets, in most of the cases, we control the calorie intake. Since a lot of people own smartphone, a diet planning application would be really helpful for them in order to make a good nutritioning. In the followings I will show a system developed for this purpose.

In my thesis I have developed a fitness meal application on Android platform that is also a part of a workout application. It is able to handle a great variety of foods with their calorie content. Moreover it calculates the calorie consumption from the finished workouts, and it calculates the difference between the calorie intake and the calorie usage. My application separates users from each other, so everyone can log their own calorie usage. On the other hand, the data is stored in a cloud based database, which is a real-time system. The data is updated in real-time when the user is connected to the internet, and there is a possibility for synchronization. So if the data might have been deleted from the device accidentally, or the user would like to use another device, he can retrieve his data from the cloud.

During development, I was aiming to make my application concerning the Material Design principles, so users can find a familiar mobile interface when they start my application. The users are also helped by built-in examples, but the program also allows the full user customization. The application also uses the other, concurrently developed workout application’s exercises data (difficulty, calorie usage per repetition).

With the application even beginners can easily track their calorie intake and usage, but it is also proper for more advanced users by providing a well-built, clear database, that can be accessed any time.


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