Health and Fitness Application Development on Universal Windows Platform

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis, I present an application I’ve developed, called Fitness Foundation.

The program runs by the category of health and fitness: it is a software version of the paper-based workout and diet logs used by the followers of this lifestyle, with features such as cataloging of trainings by date, calculation of calorie intake and consumption, or setting daily macronutrient goals by body type.

Thanks to the chosen platform, the Universal Windows Platform, it can be used on any desktop or mobile device with the same feature-set and user experience, in full synchronization for each user account, via the cloud.

After roughly four years of preparation and one-year development period, the program is finally complete, and I hope that both amateur fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes will find it useful in achieving their goals. It gives the followers of fitness every support that a software can give, which was scattered and only partially available on the internet and in existing applications until now. Fitness Foundation promotes every aspect of the fitness lifestyle, and at the same time provides insights into the current knowledge of the used platform.


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