Development of Central Unit of a Health Monitoring System

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Molnár Károly
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays as mobile devices are getting spread in the medical technology standard of the life has been raised thanks to achievements in the technology. These devices make elderly and sick people’s everyday life easier. The purpose of this thesis is to design and create a central unit of such device.

The device is presented in the introduction, which formed the basis of the whole thesis. My task was to redesign this device with a modern central unit. The most important part of the unit is the microcontroller the LPC2478 type which manufactured by NXP.

In the thesis it is presented how such device can we designed with a functional point of view. For this reason, the thesis is divided into two major parts: hardware design and software design.

In the first half of the thesis the design, creation and the activation of the hardware is presented in the second part steps of the software design are given. Finally, one of the functions of the central unit on a test application is demonstrated.


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