Health Monitoring with Android Support

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The trend observed in recent years is that the people keep increasing importance their health preservation, so the health status improvement and control comes to the fore increasingly. It would be useful to have a centralized system, where people like patients could store their medical results for which the assigned analysts had access to, so the diagnose process might become easier.

My task is to create a server-side application based on Java Enterprise Edition technology, which is responsible for the communication channel between patients and analysts realization. The completed web application works on a Glassfish application server which is linked to a MySQL database which is responsible for storing necessary data. On the web application's user interface, the patients could configure their medical profile, eg. blood type and drug allergies, moreover they can upload their measured numerical values related to their body (eg. blood pressure, glucose level) periodically as well. Assigned analysts have access to these values, in addition to they can inform patients about the results with standard messages.

In my thesis, for more efficient data collection I will also develop a mobile application to support the server-side application. I will make the application to Android platform and connect a heart rate monitor device to this. The communication between the mobile client and the heart rate monitor is realized through bluetooth channel. Values detected by the measurement device will be stored locally and displayed on graphs. Furthermore the measured values will be passed to the server side, so the analysts will have access to the pulse rate data at real-time.


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