Development of healthcare application in Java EE environment

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The dynamic development of today’s informatics did not leave the health care sector untouched either. Computer technology is becoming the part of our everyday lives and similar to every other field, it can smooth and fasten certain processes in the medical care too. The same is true for administration, which is vital for medical care for things like giving out recipes or managing ambulant pages. With the rising interest towards web applications, an online interface between the doctor and the patient would prove to be useful for communicating and facilitate the above.

The Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is one of the most popular technology for developing server-side applications. The platform offers solutions for making enterprise-scale, multi-user, distributed software. It gives support for demands such as persistence, transaction handling, remote access or name service through powerful APIs. It was an important requirement creating this technology was the support for concurrency, high-availability and platform independence.

The goal of my thesis, besides getting involved with Java EE, is to create a medical application that contains two main components: the server-side database layer and business logic and a web interface for frontend that makes certain components available for users. These features include interactive messaging between the patient and the doctor, document management for ambulant pages and generating digital recipes. The application is built on top of Java EE and for creating the web interface I chose the JavaServer Faces technology.


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