Data integration of biomedical instruments onto a web-based platform

OData support
Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis was born out of a six-month long project in Monte da Caparica, Portugal.

I automatize the extraction of data from biomedical equipment in a medical laboratory using open source data integration software, integrate the data onto a web-based platform using web services and implement a Business Intelligence software to provide the research team with an easy-to-use tool to analyze their results and prepare reports.

As well as giving account of the work that I carried out, I summarize my findings about open source data integration tools, web services and business intelligence solutions.

According to literature survey I establish a conceptual framework to aid the evaluation and the objective comparison of different data integration platforms.

I compare two open source data integration software and choose the most appropriate one for the project.

I argue for the use of open source solutions in academic research and for the choice of implementing a full business intelligence suite as compared to using custom programs to support research projects.

A very important aspect of my essay is the security auditing of the deployed solution. As we are dealing with highly confidential medical data, security is a top priority for us.

Finally I give some suggestions for improvement by implementing additional features in the business intelligence software.


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