Development of a healthcare organization's website

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The Helperek NGO (Helperek Önkéntes Segítők Egyesülete) provides first aid at major Hungarian music festivals each year for everyone in need. They work with hundreds of volunteers, healthcare professionals, medics and operate a policlinic at the events.

The high volunteer turnover, the circumstances given in a festival setting, the plenty of unnecessary administration and the endless amounts of repetitive manual tasks are very demanding both for the managers and the helpers at the organisation.

The nonexistence of a centralised knowledge base, the paper-based stock register and

an evaluation system, which is hard to follow, all hinder everyday work, and make collaboration and coordination within and between divisions complicated.

The performance of people and the morale could be significantly improved by introducing a comprehensive system which could track everyone’s work. Such a system would include a corresponding reward scheme, could help planning work schedules, which would provide sufficient free time, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks to minimal.

My solution aims to improve communication, save some precious time and cease the need for large amounts of paperwork for administration. It intends to give a ready solution to aid the work of an organisation and the people in it, attempting to provide quick and effective care to thousands of patients at the largest and internationally most well-known musical events in Hungary.


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