Lightning protection design of a health center's buildings

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Soon after, 2011. come into effect on October 6 new OTSZ, which is the MSZ EN 62305 series standards for lightning protection requirements are likely to be binding. For this reason, no longer the old Hungarian Standard MSZ 274, but the EU standards for lightning protection is used. The new standard in the second edition has been simplified compared to the previous calculations of risk management, but even so the former is much more complex compared to Hungarian standards, as well as standard parts of most of the parameter value has changed.

The aim of my thesis in the latest edition of MSZ EN 62305 is a specific building lightning protection design, the calculations are summarized in a transparent manner, and the minor shortcomings, efforts to detect errors.

Major part of the thesis shall:

-The lightning protection against short history today.

-The lightning and overvoltage protection design of a given healthcare facility with MSZ 274 and MSZ EN 62305 series of standards later version.

-A comparison of the results and analysis.


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