Lightning protection design of an medical center

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The damage caused by lightning strikes is a very real and dangerous threat to us and our environment. Today's advanced electronics, which have become an integral part of our lives, are getting more and more sensitive to overvoltages. Enormous voltage surges are created not only by direct lightning strikes, but they can be carried inside our buildings also by electric power, telephone, and data lines. Without adequate protection voltage surges may cause serious damage to property and even claim human lives. Therefore lightning protection requires a very careful planning.

In Hungary the Lightning Protection International Standard MSZ IEC 62305 came into effect in 2009. The new standard series raises several questions for professionals. Its application is difficult and time-consuming compared to the Hungarian Standard confirmed by decades of experience. Its extent is much larger and it is less transparent.

My thesis plan introduces the lightning protection of a medical centre building planned by using the standards applied in Hungary, namely the old Hungarian Standard MSZ 274 and the new uniform International Standard MSZ IEC 62305. By means of this example I try to perform the differences between the standards and emphasize certain advantages and disadvantages.

The introduction is followed by a short overview of the lightning protection’s development and the modern lightning protection methods and then I introduce the structures of the standards MSZ 274 and MSZ IEC 62305.

In the second and third chapter, after classification and risk assessment, I make recommendations for the lightning protection measures. Finally, in the last chapter, I summarize my experience concerning the two standards.


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