Design and development of a healthcare solution with Android support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the World Wide Web is the part of our lives. Via the internet we can easily transfer money, send a mail or admission to higher education institutions. But what is about the healthcare system? We can see many applications but there is not any general, widely used solution yet.

This thesis is about the development of an Android client based healthcare system that gives a solution for this problem. The system has three components: the Android client, a Tomcat web server and a PostgreSQL database. Users can connect with their Android Smartphone to the system from all over the world, where they can get medical information and communicate with each other. Two types of users can sign up in the system: doctors and patients.

The doctors can fill the database of the server with medical information (sicknesses, symptoms and hospitals). If there is sufficient data in the database, the users can search a sickness by symptoms or they can take a look at a map that shows the hospitals in near distance. The users can share their experiences about sicknesses and hospitals as well.

The patients can send messages to doctors. Inside a message they can write about their problems and they can attach a photo for illustration. The doctors can answer the messages of patients and they also can send a mail to optional patients, so for instance they can send the results of a lab test.

The client application contains every function that is necessary during its usage, so we do not have to close the application to take a picture or to open a map.


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