Additional solar cell supply of a 800 household village

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of my thesis was to reduce the power losses of the electricity system of an 800 household village by optimal placement and sizing of the photovoltaic systems. The first step was to carry out research in the literature of photovoltaic and power loss. In the thesis the power loss includes the loss of the transformer and the loss of the power lines of the distribution network. Furthermore it was necessary to examine the conditions for the connections to the electrical network and to search for themes related to the topic of my thesis.

Having laid the theoretical foundations of my work, the first step was to create the structure plan of the village in AutoCAD. Then I was able to design the low-voltage distribution system of the village with an electricity network design software. This network was then mapped to the DIgSILENT PowerFactory program, which was designed for the analysis of electrical networks, so with this program I could perform simulations of the network. The parameters of the households and the concentrated consumers are mainly based on realistic data so as the elements of the distribution network. During the simulations I separated the village into transformer zones, and in these zones I was able to perform Load-Flow calculations with the help of the DIgSILENT Programming Language (DPL). First I chose just one transformer zone, which I examined thoroughly, using experimentation and the literature. From these examinations I was able to draw conclusions and then rightness of these conclusions was proved in another transformer zone. At the end of my thesis I examined the results, whether they were feasible or not in respect of the system size and the conditions for the connections to the electrical network, too.

In summary at the end of my simulations I was able to reach the 50% power loss reduction during the energy production period of the solar cells in the two examined transformer zones. This way I achieved the target of my thesis. The conclusion of my thesis is that not only the installation of the renewable energy producers belongs to the sustainable development, but their conscious and well-managed system integration as well.


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