Design and development of the network infrastructure of a European scale summer festival

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Dr. Farkas Károly
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my thesis my task was to design the network infrastructure of a major Euopean festival, including the wired, but mainly the wireless network. This festival was Hungary’s biggest, and most popular festival, the Sziget. At first, I assessed the customer demands, and the conditions of the phisical environment. Secondly, I revised the relevant network planner methods and programs. Eventually, I chose the AirMagnet network planner program. I assigned the proper devices for both the wired, and the wireless network. After this chapter, I started with the planning of the wired network, and designed the logical topology. For the signal propagation simulations I used the software, AirMagnet, and designed the whole wireless network. In the end of my thesis, I presented methods, which can validate both the wired, and the wireless network that I designed. After all, it can be said that the network I planned is a homogenious, high availability, redundant one, which can provide proper background for the festival's data and communication demands.


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