The PV Cell Based Power Support of a Factory. From Plans to Completition.

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I made a comprehensive study of concrete factory’s electric supply from renewable sources. First of all I analysed the factory’s consumption and I created the electric consumption profile. I summarised the solar and wind energy’s basements. I made an overview about solar energy legal background. I represent the components of solar systems (photovoltaic cells, grid connected inverters, mounting structures) and the steps of planning. Then I designed two possible pv systems to supply the factory. I calculated the rate of return to decide which system would be better. After that I reviewed how it was possible to synchronise the solar production to electric consumption.

I presented the factory’s existing solar system and I made an overview of operational experience and measurements. I mentioned the available governmental grants for renewables. Then I compare nowadays solar system technology and the available products in 2011. Finally I gave some recommendation how to choose components for a solar power-plant.


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