Design of the injection mold of an mp3 player

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Dr. Rakos Balázs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The following paper contains the documentation of the design project of the plastic housing of an mp3 player and contains in detail of how the SolidWorks CAD software can be applied for such a task.

The introduction states the conditions in which this final project was carried out.

In the first chapter the starting point is set with a downloaded freely available reference model. It is described in detail how SolidWorks can be used for the reverse engineering of said model and how the reference structure of the CAD models in a design project should be set up in the SolidWorks environment.

In the second chapter the main focus is the basic design principles of plastic parts and how they can be applied for this specific case. Also summarizes the conclusion of simulations performed in SolidWorks with SolidWorks Plastics add-in, run with different configurations and level of refinement of the plastic part.

The third chapter outlines the methods of tool design in SolidWorks. Also discusses the elements of this specific project from function, design, material and manufacturing aspect in detail. Usage of digital catalogs of two major suppliers, Meusburger and HASCO is also written about.

The fourth chapter contains information about the documentation of the project, the creation of the drawings and detailed, presentable A4 format printed bill of materials.

The fifth chapter summarizes the paper, contains the opinion of its author and his experiences throughout the project.

This paper can be considered as both an introduction to the basics of plastic mold making industry, a tutorial for SolidWorks and work diary of the project.


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